A Sussex joke - and other bits and pieces

ROUSER thought this was rather funny: A posh Londoner turned up at a remote Susssex pub near the Kent border and rather imperiously asked for the best lunch the landlord could provide.

Half-way through his adequate meal he called the landlord over and asked him to remove a dog which was staring at him while he was eating.

‘I’m not surprised,’ replied mine host. ‘you’re eating off his plate!’

* Rouser celebrated his 68th birthday at the Snowdrop in Lewes the other day. Someone told the live band which dutifully played Happy Birthday for him. Then they followed it up by playing Knocking On Heaven’s Door!

* Ted Young of Hailsham has something to say about the workmen posing during work on the construction of the Wallands estate in Lewes (Rouser, October 26).

He says: ‘Hi,I’m not nit-picking but I think you will find that they are not wearing knee pads but string or straps tied under the knees to lift the bottoms of their trousers clear of the ground - a bit like the arm-bands barmen wore to keep their shirt cuffs clear of the wet bar.

‘I always follow your column with interest, keep up the good work.’