A woodland walk to enjoy Autumn colour

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A) Starting from Waldron church, with The Star on your left, walk down the road past the church. After 100m look for footpath marker on the right. Through gate into a field; keep left to reach the bottom left hand corner and stile. Path keeps to the left of the next field and then turns left through the hedge. Stay in the same direction of travel with the hedge on the right. Reach a gate and stay in the same direction to find a stile in the bottom right hand corner. Once over turn right, then left along a woodland path with the fence on the left. Stay on this path for 500m. Emerge into a field via a gate and stile; carry on in direction of travel to reach a gate and stile at the end of a stand of trees. Keep on the same direction along the left side of the field to reach the East-Hoathly - Waldron road via an open gate.

B) Turn right on the road for 400m to meet Moat Lane on the right (signed Blackboys.) Carry on, over the stream for a few metres and take the stile on right keeping to the path on the left bank of the sstream.

Waldron walk.

Waldron walk.

At the end of the first field cross the stile and stay ahead in the next to reach a bridge on the right. Over this, go straight for 25m to a stile, then bear diagonally left to a gate on Moat Lane.

C) Turn left on the road for 400 m passing Greenways to reach an opening in the hedge on the right. Go along the left side of the field and when the hedge goes left, go straight on towards a gate. Nearing the gate bear left to a stile about 15m to its left.

Go diagonally left ot the internal corner of the L-shaped field to a gap where the bottom hedge ceases.

Go through the gap with trees on the left for 50m to find a footpath sign where turn left into the wood.

D) Follow the woodland path to a bridge, bear left when over then after 20m turn right onto a broad track.

Turn left after 15m. Stay on this path for 300m to emerge on the left side of a field. At the end go through a gateway, turning half right to a gate and a stile. Maintain direction through the next field with the church ahead.

Enter the churchyard via a stile emerging onto road. Turn left for the War Memorial.