A272 Coopers Green flooding is ‘a failure of care’

L1408039 SUS-140303-142332001
L1408039 SUS-140303-142332001

A 200 yard stretch of the A272 at Coopers Green north of Uckfield has been deeply flooded for several weeks.

And in spite of numerous calls and ‘tweets,’ local residents and councillors say absolutely nothing is being done. They say drivers have to veer into the opposing lane of the A-road and it cannot be long before there is a serious crash.

Cllr Michael Lunn, who represents Uckfield north on Wealden District Council, said: “I have received multiple complaints from local residents, and users of the A272 due to this flooding. I have also made many representations to the County Council’s highways department but once again, no response.

“But I am more concerned that, as an elected councillor, I have been unable to get answers or a reply from the County Council. I have called and sent emails to highways and the county councillors but I have heard nothing. I can fully understand why residents and road users are appalled at the lack of action. I regard it now as a complete failure of a duty of care to road users and, if an accident were to occur, that the County Council would be negligent.”

Cllr Lunn went on to say that he’s heard that flooding may be due to a newly-dug lake on a residential property. “I have not heard anything from ESCC. If that is the case, ESCC should be pumping the water off the highway and charging the resident who dug the lake. The safety of road users must be a priority, especially on such a busy junction. But not to respond to my concerns is equally appalling.”

Roger Williams, East Sussex County Council’s head of highways, said: “Drainage systems on our roads are designed to take surface water created by average rainfall. We have experienced the wettest winter since records began which effectively means our drainage system is running at full capacity constantly. We have also seen additional run off from surrounding fields, which has increased the volume of water draining through our already at capacity drains. No drainage system can cope with the excessive amount of water we have seen across the county. We are working hard to deal with flooding on our roads, but would urge motorists to take extra care and not take unnecessary risks when roads are flooded.”

Buxted and Maresfield county councillor Roy Galley told the Express: “Obviously I share local concerns about a serious flooding incident at Coopers Green. When I drove through yesterday workmen were trying to solve the problem.I have asked officers for assurances that a permanent solution will be found and am awaiting a detailed report.”