Access at Forest Way Country Park improved

ACCESS to one of the most popular country parks in East Sussex has been improved, thanks to some work to replace a set of steep steps.

Rangers worked with volunteers and local people to provide a new ramp and staggered slope leading into Forest Way Country Park, making it easier to visit for people with buggies, mobility difficulties and schoolchildren.

The old steps at the entrance to the country park near the eastern end of Forest Row were coming to the end of their natural life.

By talking to local people rangers found out they were heavily used by many, including schoolchildren wishing to get off the Hartfield road as soon as possible and ride their bikes to school on the off-road Forest Way bridle route.

The old steps have been replaced with a totally new design descending in a series of long gentle steps. They will encourage more people to use the entrance who may well have been put off by the old steep steps.

Cllr Matthew Lock congratulated the rangers on their work saying: “They have really got it right for people that use it most often. We have had positive comments already especially from families and anyone with a bike.” Regular monitoring of the steps will be carried out for a ‘settling in’ period to allow further improvements.