Accessible Seaford plan receives positive backing from East Sussex County Council

Broad Street, Seaford showing parking. August 3rd 2011 E31121M ENGSNL00120110408095242
Broad Street, Seaford showing parking. August 3rd 2011 E31121M ENGSNL00120110408095242

A councillor who is backing a campaign to turn Seaford into an ‘accessible town’ said she is pleased the initiative has had a ‘positive response’ from East Sussex County Council.

Accessible Transport Seaford is working on improving accessibilty to the town’s attractions and amenities for all ages by bringing in town wide personal transport and cycling infrastructure.

It is gathering ideas on how to improve infrastructure for the community, including children cycling to school, drivers parking cars, or improving cycleways which the group say can be as equally useful for mobility devices as they are for cyclists, and enable the elderly and disabled to have as much freedom as possible.

The group said rather than focus on a particular transport method, it is looking at an approach to include drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and the disabled.

Seaford cllr Carolyn Lambert said: “This is a proposal that has come from a local resident, supported by Cycle Seahaven, to develop safe routes around Seaford for anyone with mobility issues. It makes good use of our twittens and some of the proposals could be achieved through the use of signage without the need for expensive infrastructure work.

“If we could brand Seaford as an accessible town it would help our local economy by giving us a strong selling point for people visiting the area, especially with the National Park right on our boundaries.

“It would also help anyone with mobility issues in Seaford, parents and carers who need a safe route to school for their children and cyclists to travel safely.

“East Sussex County Council are developing a walking and cycling strategy for Lewes district and I hope that this proposal can be included in the strategy and may even act as an example of good practice for other parts of the district.”

An East Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We are currently developing a strategy to make it easier and safer for people to make everyday journeys on foot or by bike within Lewes district. We are looking at journeys to school, work, shops and for leisure, as well as links to future housing and commercial developments.

“The strategy is being developed taking into account the views of local people and we will be considering elements of the Accessible Seaford proposal for inclusion in this.”