Act of kindness after Seaford paper boy loses wallet

A teenage boy who was on his way to buy a new bike to carry out his weekly paper round, but lost his wallet, was amazed when the community rallied around to help him.

Olly Labib, 14, left his home in Whitely Close, Seaford on March 16 with £250 in his wallet which he had saved up from his paper rounds.

New bike for Seaford teenager. Ollie Labib

New bike for Seaford teenager. Ollie Labib

He was planning to buy a new bike at Halfords and went out to try and sell his old bike to a friend, but he was devastated when he realised he had lost the cash while he was out in Seaford.

His mum’s friend Carol Edwards started up a PayPal account on Facebook and within days, thanks to the modern day wonders of social media, a grand total of £260 had been collected so that Olly could buy his new wheels.

She also contacted Seahaven FM and Heart FM to ask people to keep an eye out for the black leather wallet and hand it in.

Carol and Olly’s mum Donna spread the word about the missing wallet on Facebook and Twitter, as well as reporting it to Sussex Police, but it never turned up.

When Olly received the money, he went to Halfords in Newhaven, only to discover the bike he wanted was no longer on sale and had gone up to £299. But the shop agreed to put the prize back down again to £279.

Carol said: “I just let it happen! I gave some money and everyone donated and within four days we had enough.

“I was amazed how quickly we managed to do it and at all these lovely people who donated.”

Mum Donna Labib added: “He saved for weeks and weeks.

“He does two paper rounds a week and is up by 6am.”

Donna, who was amazed at how generous friends, family and even total strangers, had been, said: “I was really touched.”

She said she always taught Olly to be kind to other people, on the basis that if you were nice to others they would be nice to you and it looks like mum was right.

“I said this is your good karma,” she added.

Olly, who uses the bike to see his friends and do his paper round, added: “My mum’s friends are all really kind people. I was so happy when I got my new bike.

“The bike I had was falling apart and it was really hard to ride - it only had one gear.

“The new bike is really nice.”