Action needed to repair town centre kerbs

Hugh Parker has investigated dropped kerbs.
Hugh Parker has investigated dropped kerbs.

THE state of dropped kerbs along the High Street in Polegate town centre are in urgent need of repair.

That is the view of Lib Dem campaigner Hugh Parker who has done a photo survey of the High Street.

Mr Parker lives in Glynleigh Drive with his wife Judy who uses a mobility scooter. His survey found that dropped kerbs were not all conveniently placed and others were in disrepair.

Hugh Parker said: “These dropped kerbs are not just a vital requirement for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, but parents with pushchairs too. Not only are many of them difficult to negotiate, they are not always where they’re most needed.

“I believe the whole High Street parking and pedestrian layout needs more attention and so I will be urging East Sussex County Council to pay much more attention to the needs of the less mobile in Polegate. I will be following up my report with regular monitoring to ensure action is taken.”

Mr Parker also claimed the Residents Association running Polegate Town Council were not addressing such issues. 

Town Clerk Jo Ognjanovic said Polegate Town Council was also concerned about the kerbs – but the legal responsibility belonged to the county council, she said, adding that to critisize the town council for something which is outside of its remit was therefore unreasonable.

Mrs Ognjanovic said: “The town council is actively seeking to improve the town by consulting with both the district and county officers to find affordable solutions to many of these issues. The town council urge any concerned residents to contact their county councillors who will be able to take this up on their behalf.

“We understand from County there is no specific budget for drop kerbs and with the proposed required cuts in budgets it is unsure whether this would change.”

A county council spokesman confirmed there was ‘unfortunately’ no budget for installing dropped kerbs, adding: “We do maintain those that are already in place, as well as maintaining the roads.

“We appreciate that potholes in the road can be a nuisance and endeavour to repair any potholes which may be dangerous within 24 hours of them being reported.

“We will go out to investigate the High Street and make any repairs as necessary.”