Alarm helps Sally lady rest easier

A kind-hearted Salvation Army volunteer is delighted after two charities paid for an alarm system to be installed in her home after she was burgled while sleeping.

Sue Adey from the Royal Voluntary Service got in touch with the Isabel Blackman Foundation and The Magdalen and Lasher Charity to ask if they would help pay for an alarm system for Betty Bassett’s home near Ore as she was having trouble sleeping at night after the traumatic incident.

The two charities paid all but £100 for the system to be installed and Sue then contacted Airtight Security Systems Ltd who came to the rescue of RVS when they were burgled and installed CCTV and burglar alarms for free.

They were paid this time but installed an alarm system for Mrs Bassett beyond the specifications of what they quoted for and did not charge the extra because they wanted to ensure she understood the system and would feel reassured and safe. They treated her with care and courtesy as we knew they would.

Mrs Bassett, who is in her 80s and an officer for the Salvation Army, has helped out many people in the community despite being in poor health herself.

Sue said: “It was an honour to pay her back some of the goodness. I would like to thank all those involved in making sure that this kind lady is now able to rest easy knowing that she will be safe at night.”