Alfriston author publishes book

An Alfriston tennis coach who pens novels in her spare time has had a psychologicial thriller published.

When the Dove Cried by Fiona Cane is set in a fictional sleepy Sussex village at the foot of the South Downs.

It follows the breakdown of a destructive group of friends.

The novel has been recommended by fellow Sussex author Peter James.

He described Ms Cane as ‘a natural storyteller with a vivid writing style that is eminently readable.’

The book follows Lily whose husband Adam has thrown her a surprise party.

The guests are their four closest friends from university.

But all is not what it seems and soon the police are at the party asking Adam questions because he was the last person to see a young nurse who has been murdered.

Lily does not believe her husband is guilty but he has disappeared and she has no idea where he is. To make matters worse, Lily receives crank calls at night while she is alone in her country house.

When the Dove Cried is available from Kindle at £2.58.

Ms Cane has a degree in Philosophy from Exeter University.

She gave up her job as a film and entertainment PR after the birth of her daughter.

When her son was born, she and her husband uprooted to Sussex where she trained as a tennis coach and started writing novels in her spare time.

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