All they want for Christmas is a home

They survived the toughest of starts in life after being found living rough in fields and now feral kittens Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po have just one wish this Christmas – a permanent, safe home.

The three-month-old moggies were born outdoors in Horsham and were taken in by Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre after a nearby resident became concerned about their health. Cold, malnourished and terrified, the four kittens faced a bleak future until they were nursed back to health by staff at the centre in Chelwood Gate.

Because they were not domesticated when they were younger, they are not tame and now need a safe, outdoor home - such as smallholding or farm - where they can earn their keep by providing exceptional rodent control.

Deputy manager of the National Cat Adoption Centre Tania Marsh said: “We nicknamed them the Teletubby kittens as, despite being wild and untamed, they are undeniably cute and very playful with each other.

“They were found running around fields with their mother. She had clearly once had a home and was domesticated but the kittens had been born outdoors.

“There is a very small window in which cats can be domesticated – between the ages of 2 and 8 weeks – and as the kittens were living rough at that time the window of opportunity sadly has been missed.

“This means it will prove difficult to change them to become domesticated pets, but if they were in a more natural environment than we can offer them, they may learn to trust humans more.

“They had done a pretty good job looking after themselves but with colder weather coming and no shelter or regular food supply they would have had a very tough, short life had we not taken them in.

“We’re looking for an outdoor home – maybe a farm, garden centre or stableyard. We’d ideally like to home them in pairs and in return these cats will provide unrivalled pest control – so they will most definitely be willing to earn their keep.”

If you would like to offer any of them a home contact us on 01825 741330.