Alleyway a hive for drug dealing claims

The alleyway in Hollington Old Lane
The alleyway in Hollington Old Lane

Residents in a St Leonards street claim an alleyway in their neighbourhood has become a hotbed for drug dealing.

The footway, in Hollington Old Lane, has been a favourite for illegal drugs activities for years, Julia Williams says.

She said: “Residents feel they can’t walk through the alleyway because it’s used by junkies and drug dealers.

“I’ve lived here in Hollington Old Lane for 14 years and it’s been like that for eight years. It’s happening mainly at night but we’ve seen drug taking and dealing taking place there in broad daylight.

“It’s become a hangout for such activity and has become notorious for drinking as well. It’s foul. I once found bottles of methadone in the alleyway, as well as drug needles. We’ve become so used to it, but why should we? There needs to be floodlights there and it needs to be policed more. A fence has come down at the property by the alleyway and all of the gardens at the back of the houses interlock, so residents could be left vulnerable to anti-social behaviour. People are terrified of being burgled.”

Julia added she had spoken to police community support officers in Hollington about people’s concerns.

Phil Scott, county councillor for Hollington and Wishing Tree ward, said: “The footway between Hollington Old Lane and Battle Road has long been established. It is unlit and has the potential for undesirable activities such as drug dealing or drug taking. That is a matter of course for the police to deal with and I would certainly encourage increased police patrols within that area. I would also urge East Sussex County Council to consider erecting street lighting in the footway to enhance community safety.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Police community support officers are aware of concerns and the neighbourhood policing team is working to address them. A ‘quality street’ event was held in the area last autumn and efforts have also been made to clear alleyways of litter.”

Karen Bowles, county council spokeswoman, said: “We appreciate people’s concerns, but this is not an issue that has been highlighted to us by police or residents. The path has never been lit and we have no current plans to install streetlights.”