Allowance payments freeze at Lewes District Council

CABINET members of Lewes District Council have recommended a freeze on their allowance payments for the next year.

Council Leader Ann De Vecchi said: “In view of the current financial situation and reduced grant settlement there was cross party agreement that now was not the time to implement the recommendations for an increase of the Independent Remuneration Committee report.”

The Cabinet’s view will be discussed by all councillors at a meeting on February 16.

The report of the Independent Remuneration Panel has been produced as part of the council’s requirement to receive independent advice from its statutory advisory panel on members’ allowances.

The panel’s proposals are based on a review of background information, interviews with councillors and officers of the council, a review of oral and written submissions, and a review of benchmark information from other relevant authorities in the South East.

The Independent Remuneration Panel recommended the basic allowance for councillors should increase from £2,975 to £3,494 and that certain Special Responsibility Allowances should be increased.

Lewes district councillors have not had any increase in their allowances since 2005.