Almost the hottest April day ever in Sussex

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IT WASN’T quite a record breaker in Sussex but it wasn’t far off either.

Temperatures in Herstmonceux, where the Met Office has a monitoring station, reached 25.1 degrees on Saturday April 23.

The warmest ever day in April at Herstmonceux is a sizzling 26.5 degrees set back in April 2007, although the records only go back to 1993.

Meanwhile Wisley in Surrey recorded the warmest weather on Saturday with 27.8 degrees.

This wasn’t enough the top the hottest ever April day which was back in 1949 on April 16 in Camden Square with a scorching 29.4 degrees.

Sussex was hotter than parts of the Mediterranean over the weekend, boasting higher temperatures than Malta, Madrid, Rome and Cyprus.

The beach was busy in Seaford, drawing people to enjoy the sun, swim in the sea or take part in watersports.

Look at that lovely sunny scene.

It all seems like a distant memory now doesn’t it?