Alternative gift idea from Chailey woman stops you spiralling into debt

A Chailey woman has come up with a totally new concept in present giving just in time for Christmas. is the alternative gift – and will stop you spiralling into debt over the festive season, as recently warned against by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The brainchild of Fenella Kemp, of Cinder Hill, the concept is unique. enables you to pledge to help or just spend some quality time with a friend, family member or colleague – and to seal that promise with a donation to charity on their behalf.

There is a printable record of your offer online, so you really are ‘putting your money where your mouth is’.

The ‘promise’ can be anything, such as I promise I will paint the spare room, walk the dog, babysit, do the shopping, put out the bins every week, organise the recycling, sort out the shed, stop smoking, take you out to tea or cook you a special meal ... the list is endless.

Fenella, a silversmith who also runs a classical singing agency, said: “There is an overwhelming shift towards minimalism. Global disasters and awareness of how fortunate we are is also having an effect on consumerism.

“We are all over-loaded with stuff these days when what we really crave is time with a friend or help in some way in our lives. It’s getting back to basics and helping someone you care about.”

Fenella’s inspiration for the concept was partly a result of the London 2012 effect.

“During and after the Olympics I watched and read a lot about the joy of the volunteers – giving their time freely to bring happiness to so many people,” said the mother of two grown up children.

“Everyone wants to feel useful and needed, lots of people would love some help in some way, plus there are so many charities to give to that do such wonderful work – the website is just a vehicle to bring it all together and give some physical evidence of your offer.”