Alternative use for Buxted surgery

New alternative medicine surgery, Buxtead.
New alternative medicine surgery, Buxtead.

PATIENTS need time.

However brilliant and accurate the diagnosis by your hard-working GP, the fact remains that ten minutes is sometimes not long enough to explore the background to how you feel.

That’s the view of Buxted GP Dr Clarissa Fabre who hopes these problems could be addressed at a new alternative surgery in the village.

She said: “Now the wonderful new surgery is up and running, we had the opportunity to address what could best be done with the former surgery at our former surgery, April Cottage.

“It occurred to me that alternative medicine and general practice go hand in hand. Many people come to see their general practitioners because they are unhappy or stressed, whether it be at work, their personal lives or circumstances beyond their control. So we are now setting up an alternative surgery in April Cottage.”

The surgery will be opened by Peter Owen Jones, the vicar of Firle and Glynde, TV presenter and author, who will talk to the audience about healing.

Dr Fabre went on: “Many patients become addicted to their painkillers when the underlying problem may well be partly psychological. A ten minute consultation is not satisfactory, either for the patient or for their doctor.”

Services available at the new surgery will include yoga, acupuncture, pilates, osteopathy, the Alexander technique, hypnotherapy and much more.

She stressed: “These are all means by which patients can relieve the tensions in their lives. Pills are not the only answer.”

The new surgery will be called Freia after the Norse goddess of eternal youth and beauty. The opening ceremony will take place between 10am-noon on September 1 and Mr Owen Jones will be speaking at 10.45am. Everyone is invited to meet the therapists. To find out more visit:

The practice moved into its new premises earlier this year and as a result there is currently no specific use for the old surgery. Dr Fabre believes the alternative surgery is the perfect complement to the range of medical services offered in Buxted.