Amazing Grace turns 103

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‘Amazing Grace’ Whitelock was celebrating her 103rd birthday at Kempton House in Peacehaven on Tuesday May 14 with all her friends who attend the day centre.

Grace moved to Brighton in 1930 and worked as a dinner lady at St Luke’s Primary School in Brighton.

She has two daughters and lives in Denton with her youngest daughter Yvonne.

Grace was born on July 14, 1910 and is originally from Portsmouth.

She has lived in Newhaven for the last six years.

Grace attends the Age UK (Havens) day centres which are on Tuesday at Kempton house in Peacehaven, and Wednesday at West Quay in Newhaven.

Her daughter says the centres have greatly improved Grace’s social life, and staff said she was happiest when she was at the centres.

The charity Community Transport Lewes Area picks Grace up and takes her to the centre.

And apparently the other centre visitors treat Grace like a celebrity and call her amazing Grace.

Grace loves to socialise, she loves a laugh and joke, which she explained was the key to living a long and happy life.

Three years ago the Sussex Express reported on Grace’s 100th birthday when she was given a surprise party at the Newhaven Age UK centre.