Amberley Nursery entertains

THE pre-school and 3-4 groups from Amberley Nursery in Buckhurst Rd braved the wind and torrential rain for the long journey around the corner to Beulah Baptist Church hall.

colin - can u add pix and make live please monday

They were once again the long awaited guests of the Clifford day centre, who consider their visit the start of the Christmas festivities! They have their Christmas dinner next week along with various other entertainments.

The children sang lots of familiar Christmas songs mixed with some of their other favourites, finishing up with 'we wish you a merry Christmas'.

After the children had sung their repertoire the pensioners joined the children in 'away in the manger'.

Clifford day centre meets every week on a Thursday between 9.30am and 3.00pm, for more information please call 01424 218160 or log on to

Amberley Nursery can be contacted on 01424 212472, caring for children aged 1-5.