An Autumn horticultural show

TOMORROW (September 15) Chiddingly Horticultural Society will host its last show of the year in the village hall – the Autumn Show.

Judging takes place in the morning and the show itself opens at 2.30pm with prize giving at 4pm.

The society has three shows each year, following the seasons, as well as other activities.

It is thought that Chiddingly Horticultural Society was founded in 1918. There are no documents to verify the fact, to date. There was no activity during the war, but the society started up again in 1947 – meaning that this year (2012) is the 65th anniversary.

Janet Gasson, assistant secretary, said: “When it first re-started, the Summer show was held in a marquee, and was part of the village fete.

“After a while the marquee and the insurance became too costly, and the shows moved over to the Village Hall.

“We have a few old Schedules: in 1965 entries cost 4d. each. When decimal currency was introduced this was changed to two 1/2p per entry.”