Anger over bus station closure

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AN angry pensioner has hit out at the closure of Lewes Bus Station.

Edith Hall said the elderly, who rely on buses to get around, are now forced to wait outside in the foulest of weather while the waiting room stands locked and empty.

Alternatively, they “dice with death” to cross busy Eastgate Street for their bus from the only bench available outside Waitrose.

The closure of the Bus Station Cafe last month brought about the lock-out.

Mrs Hall, 81, of Nevill Crescent, Lewes, said: “I don’t see why the waiting room can only be used if the cafe is open.

“It is surely not beyond the capability of a carpenter to seal off the staircase to the cafe and still let the waiting room on the ground floor be freely available.”

She said elderly people and young families had a right to get around the town in a civilized manner.

“It is a disgrace that the county town of East Sussex and a tourist mecca has no viable bus station,” she said.