Animal rescue charity appeal

A wildlife rescue charity operating across Seahaven is appealing for help after its sole vehicle was deemed unroadworthy.

Seahaven Bird Rescue, based in Newhaven, started up last November using the founder’s old family car to pick up injured animals, get their food from suppliers in Hailsham and take the animals to the vet.

Now it has been forced to suspend rescues due to mechanical failure after wear and tear from a trip to release squirrels in Oxford.

The charity, relying on donations, normally deals with around 200 rescues of injured birds and other wildlife per month.

Now it has had to suspend its emergency call out service until a replacement vehicle can be sourced.

“It is essential to our service that we have a reliable, economical and suitably equipped vehicle – not only is it necessary for carrying out rescues and providing emergency treatment to injured wildlife, we also need to collect food, bedding and other supplies for the animals in our care and to transport to and from veterinary surgeries,” said Carrie Grace, founder and director of animal care.

“We will continue to provide advice to any member of the public who contacts us in an emergency and work closely with other organisations to give the best possible care to wildlife in need of assistance.”

The charity is hoping to raise £3,000 from donations to buy a second hand car-sized van to be fitted out and sign written to increase awareness of its work.

Alternatively, Carrie’s partner Jay Cullen said they would prefer to find corporate sponsorship to provide a fully equipped animal ambulance costing about £10,000 to £15,000 and they would then go to events to provide publicity for the sponsors.

Jay said as well as receiving calls from residents in the Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford area, other rescue operations in neighbouring areas without cover in the patch also referred to them for help.

“This is a busy time for us as it’s seagull fledgling season,” he said.

Seahaven Bird Rescue was called to the pigeon shot with an arrow in Lewes and in the last couple of weeks dealt with two pigeons shot with an air rifle in Newhaven.

Anyone who can help is asked to contact Seahaven Bird Rescue via, Facebook or telephone on 01273 252820.

Seahaven Bird Rescue is dedicated to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild birds with a view to always release them back to the wild where possible.