Animals evacuated after Raystede in Ringmer is flooded

Flooding at the equine barn at Raystede in Ringmer
Flooding at the equine barn at Raystede in Ringmer

Around 40 animals had to be evacuated from Raystede in Ringmer when parts of the rescue centre flooded today (Thursday January 8).

The wildlife hospital was under nine inches of water and sick animals including ducks, geese and hedgehogs were rushed to safety.

Raystede’s equine barn was flooded too with about three inches of water, but donkeys, ponies and horses were moved to a safe area of the barn.

A pump is being used to move water out of the affected areas.

Water came up through the floor from the drainage system in the equine barn.

Animals from the wildlife hospital had to be taken into the main centre.

Peter Lord said: “We seem to have got through the worst of it.

“We have started to see water clear from the barn.”

Sandbags were put around the lake to increase its capacity following a wet January and February in 2014, but the water still broke through in two places.

Run off from surrounding fields also led to flooding.