Anti-choking sessions for schools across Sussex

School staff are being offered a free session on how to help someone choking.

Helen Stafford, owner of Mini First Aid, will work with youngsters from across the Sussex area.

She say: “Choking is every parent and carer’s nightmare.

“Sadly we are all too aware of its potentially devastating consequences.

“Yet it can often take an incident to motivate people to learn basic first aid skills.”

Helen uses modern training aids to provide school staff, including teachers, assistants, and lunchtime supervisors, with realistic, hands on practice on how to help someone who is choking and unable to breathe.

She added: “The Act Fast Chocking Trainer is 20 minutes worth of training and allows school staff to practice the life-saving Abdominal Thrust Manoeuvre.

“The ‘Act Fast Choking Trainer’ has numerous benefits over traditional training techniques involving mannequins.

“When the life-saving manoeuvre is performed correctly on someone wearing the vest, a foam plug shoots into the air; reinforcing the correct technique and helping trainees develop confidence and competence in dealing with a choking situation swiftly and effectively.”

Around 16,000 cases of choking are dealt with at UK hospitals every year. Around 2,600 of these involve children under that age of four.

The sessions will also be on offer to schools at South West London and Surrey.