Any bus cuts will be remembered

We are all aware of the proposed bus cuts in East Sussex and the obvious problems they could cause residents, particularly the elderly and infirm.

ESCC is controlled by Conservative councillors and they are endeavouring to impose 60 per cent of the total cuts in the Hastings area, controlled by Labour.

Our No.7 bus service, Ashford Way area has already been reduced to one hourly service, from 9-15am up to 2-15pm, then a gap until the final service 4-35pm.

There is no evening, Sunday or Bank Holiday Service.

Imagine the difficulties a two hourly service will cause for the mainly elderly residents in this area with regard to essential appointments, shopping and social outings.

The bus company will need to increase standing room on their buses.

We already pay £1,600-00 annual Council Tax for a Band D property nearly the highest in the UK.

Well, I must conclude by saying that “At the going down of the sun, in the mornings and particularly election times, we WILL REMEMBER THEM”. Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Roy Lewis,

Ashford Way