Apology for leak of confidential information by Seaford Town Council

Seaford Town Council criticised the breach of confidentiality which revealed the town clerk had been suspended.

It said the clerk’s suspension was arranged to help a council committee look into recommendations made by an independent report.

A town council spokesperson said: “No decision has been made concerning disciplinary action over events that took place dating back to 2010.

“The town clerk’s suspension has been arranged to facilitate the investigation.

“This matter is confidential and the town council deplores the deliberate breach of confidentiality which has caused distress and reputational damage to the town clerk.

“The town clerk has accepted the council’s apology for this deliberate leak of confidential information and no further statement, comment or information will be made public until the full council has considered the findings and the process has concluded.”

The committee will look into recommendations of the independent investigation. This process will take a few weeks.