Appeal about missing names from Lewes War Memorial

Lewes War Memorial
Lewes War Memorial

A list of people whose names are not on Lewes War Memorial has been released in a bid to find out more about them.

Jack Neil from Lewes Royal British Legion has been researching the names and wants to know any background.

He also headed up the petition to Lewes Town Council asking for permission for the names to be added to the War Memorial.

Jack is keen to know if the spelling of the names is correct, if there is a middle name, if the name appears on any other war memorial or even if there is someone who is still missing from the town’s war memorial.

If you can help email

Here is the list of names found not to be on the Lewes War Memorial.

Baker, Joseph; Barns, Walter, James; Bignell, William, John; Crouch, James; Gray, Walter, Frank; Hewlett, Albert, Earnest; Johnson, George, Edward; Sandalls, Alfred; Urry, John, Thomas; Woodroffe, Kenneth, Herbert, Clayton; Woodroffe, MC, Leslie, Woodroffe, VC, Sydney.Clayton; Garrett, Stephen.Alfred; Batchelor, Gerald. George; Morris, (S). John, Abel; Deacon, Clarence, Duke; Holman, Frederick, John; Stedman, William; Trigwell, Frank. Herbert; Trigwell, Frederick, John; Rainbird, Charles, William.

There are also three women’s names listed at St Anne’s Church in Lewes.

They are Bostock, Ida, Marion; Butler, Sarah, Edith and Knapton, Ellen. Blanche.