Appeal for support from the South Downs Badger Group


The South Downs Badger Group is appealing for support to combat increasing costs and declining membership.

It treats injured badgers, advises people about badger welfare and gives talks to schools and interest groups.

The group covers the area from East Brighton to Pevensey and inland to Lewes and once had more than a 100 members, but membership has now dwindled to less than 50.

Chairman of the group Graham Amy said: “Many of our elderly members have sadly passed on and there seems to be a lack of youngsters wanting to join conservation groups.

“Unfortunately, the treatment of injured animals, their rehabilitation and continuing donations to help fight the Governments badger cull plans, has had a dramatic effect on our reserves.”

The South Downs Badger Protection Group advises councils, members of the public and developers on all aspects of badger welfare, planning matters and legislation.

It also carries out surveys for developers and when time permits, gives talks to schools and interest groups.

The group works with the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) which carries out rescues, and tend to road traffic casualties on behalf of the group.

Mr Amy said: “To pay for the treatment of injured badgers and their rehabilitation all costs money.

“Just by joining our group your readers can help save our county’s most popular animal, the badger.”

Membership of the group is just £5 per year with members receiving a magazine each quarter.

The European badger is an omnivore in the weasel family.

It is found in Ireland, Great Britain and most of Europe as far as southern Scandinavia and eastward to the Volga River.

It can weight up to 24 kg and measure up to 90cm in body length and up to 30cm tall.

They can run at 16–19mph for short periods of time and are nocturnal, shy animals.

Badgers eat earthworms, insects, and grubs, as well as small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, roots and fruit.

For further details contact the secretary Peter Mortimer on 01323 638949 or 28, Vicarage Drive, Eastbourne, BN20 8AP, or Graham Amy on 01273 514942 or 71, Court Farm Road, Newhaven, BN9 9DY.