Appeal to health workers to help diabetic cat

A diabetic cat who needs daily insulin injections is in urgent need of a home – and staff at Cats Protection are appealing to healthcare workers across Sussex who may be able to help.

Twelve-year-old Honey has been at the charity’s National Cat Adoption Centre, in Chelwood Gate, since March after her previous owner passed away.

She needs daily injections of insulin and a special diet which staff say has put off many prospective owners.

Deputy manager of the National Cat Adoption Centre, Tania Marsh, said: “There are many people with no medical background who learn how to give injections to diabetic cats, and we can provide full training and support to anyone who wants to adopt Honey.

“However, we think a lot of people are put off by this and anxious about whether they can do it, so we hope someone will come forward who is used to giving injections. This may be a doctor, nurse, or perhaps someone who is diabetic themselves who won’t be fazed by her needs.

“Honey is a truly lovely cat. She is sweet-natured and friendly and the only reason she is still with us is because so many people have been concerned about her diabetes. Because she’s been here so long, we’re appealing to healthcare workers who may be experienced in giving injections. But her new owner doesn’t necessarily need a medical background – what they will need is the confidence and compassion to look after her needs.”

Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, operates a Diabetic Cat Register (DCR) as a helpful advice network for owners of cats with the condition.

Managing diabetes in cats can seem a daunting prospect, but the DCR contains a list of other owners who have experiences with diabetic cats and are willing to share their knowledge (non-veterinary only) on a voluntary basis. The DCR is available by emailing or by sending an A5 self-addressed envelope with stamps to the value of 50p to: Diabetic Cat Register (Helpline), Cats Protection, National Cat Centre, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, RH17 7TT.

If you would like to offer a home to Honey, call us on 01825 741 330.