Archway Choir from Seaford to perform with pop opera group Blake


A community choir in Seaford was jumping for joy when they were selected to support pop opera group Blake.

Archway Choir will provide backing vocals to the group on four songs and will even have the chance to sing a song of their own.

They will perform alongside the chart topping singers at the Eastbourne Hippodrome on July 12.

Archway Choir founder Jane Reeves, 39, said: “This is the most exciting thing.

“We have done some TFV adverts and bits and pieces but this is the best thing we have ever done.

“The choir are very excited and feel very lucky.”

The choir have been sent the sheet music of four songs which they will need to learn.

“We are obviously thrilled to be on the stage with Blake.

“And it’s going to be exciting for the guys to be on a stage with lighting and sound.

“It’s a 600 seater venue which is quite big.”

The band members of Blake were trained at leading classical music colleges.

But they credited their unique sound to all three having sung with school and community choirs since they were children.

Shortly after gaining their first gold disc and a BRIT award in 2008, the singers decided to show their support for choirs in communities around the UK, by inviting them to join their live tour shows.

Now Archway Choir, which is based in Seaford and Eastbourne, will be one of them.

Archway Choir was chosen after sending in a video of them singing.

A statement from Blake’s members said: “Blake always enjoy working with local choirs as it’s great to meet other people who enjoy singing as much as we do.

“We are never ceased to be amazed at the level of talent across the country.

“The Archway Choir, Seaford, have a fun approach to their performances which will fit in perfectly with the overall Blake show.”

Archway will sing with Blake on the songs Halleluja, Jerusalem, Love lift us up where we belong and Nessun Dorma.

The choir’s solo piece will be their own version of the song from the James Bond film, Skyfall, by Adele.

Jane said one of the hardest things she had to do was select just 30 singers out of 200 choir members to perform with the band.

Since starting this campaign Blake have been joined by more than 300 local choirs.

The types of UK choirs vary greatly and have included singers from local communities, primary schools, senior schools, state schools, private schools, choral societies, church and gospel choirs.