Are seagull numbers in Lewes increasing?

THE volume of the seagull population in the town has been questioned by the Mayor of Lewes, Cllr Michael Chartier – in both ways.

He thinks they might be growing in both numbers and in the amount of noise they make.

A conversation he was trying to conduct in Leicester Road was drowned out by the incessant squawking of the birds.

It led him to quip: “Maybe we should just drop the ‘sea’ and call them ‘landgulls’.”

Cllr Chartier noted there seemed to be more seagulls than usual in Prince Edward’s Road, and certainly there appears to have been an influx on School Hill.

But official figures suggest otherwise.

Lewes District Council has checked the number of complaints from residents in Lewes about seagulls and in the last three years it has received a total of 12 with just four being in the last year.

A spokesperson said: “Environmental Health officers have received just a handful of complaints about seagulls in Lewes.

“We are happy to offer advice to residents about how they arrange for bird proofing measures to prevent birds nesting in their property. Natural England also offer advice, visit”