Are You Being Served, Meeching Amateur Dramatics, Meeching Hall, Newhaven, until January 28

TO TAKE on a stage production of a well-known and well-loved television series is a daunting task for professional actors, so for an amateur company to perform Are You Being Served is a real challenge.

But Meeching Amateur Dramatics always deliver, their production of Allo Allo in 2008 set the standard by delivering a great show.

This time they have done it again. Director Tony Gibbs has picked his cast with care and they are all perfect for their roles.

Garry Fowler has got all Mr Humphries mannerisms and he is very funny, Trish Down is excellent as Mrs Slocombe. To follow Wendy Richards as Miss Brahms is not an easy task but Lisa Turner pulls it off as does Steve Wetherilt as Captain Peacock. Lee Harris is a bit too slight for Mr Rumbold but his acting makes up for it and Alan Clifford has captured Mr Grainger as did Ed Ginn as Mr Lucas who is a perfect foil for Mr Humphries. The German dance in Act one is one of the funniest things I have seen.

Jim Harvey, who acts professionally, always turns in a good performance and in his dual role as handyman Mr Mash and the revolutionary Cesar he does stand out as he is very funny.

The timing is great and the two separate sets are a tour-de-force for this company, how they managed to get it all in on such a small stage and act amongst it all is a triumph.

It was good to see a nearly full house on the first night and hopefully the audiences will roll in because MADS deserves the support.

Amanda Wilkins