Are you going home tonight?

Every night this winter, 250+ vulnerable adults in our community won’t be going back home. They might be in emergency accommodation, on someone’s sofa; or in a car, in a tent, on the street.
Give some warmth Give some warmth
Give some warmth

Stonepillow’s Day Hub is a place of safety and refuge for those in our community who have nowhere else to go. It is a place that protects, that connects to services and the help that will get them on the pathway back to independence; back home.

It saves lives, and it restores lives.

50% more people have needed our Hubs this year; and the generosity of our community provides the £175,000 needed every year to keep them open. You can make a difference, today; will you help? Stonepillow staff, volunteers and clients appeal to our community to support our winter campaign this year.

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“Bit of grace you’ve given, this place helps you to slowly undo the knots. Anytime I can go and talk to someone"

‘I received warmth, food, showers, clothes, and a roof over my head without judgement. This – and I do not speak lightly, saved my life.’

Stonepillow is a place of inspiration, safety, forward moving positivity and support’.


Text HOMESAFE to 70450 to donate £10 or search Stonepillow donate