Arlington Arts Festival is launched

THE FIRST EVER Arlington Arts Festival is taking place involving neighbouring parishes close to the village.

Arlington Arts Group has organised an art show for the past six years, but the event has been widened with nearby parishes after Arlington became a United Benefice with four other villages.

The result is the first ever Arlington Arts Festival featuring tours of the Bloomsbury murals in Berwick Church; art shows in Wilmington Village Hall, Wilmington Church, Alciston Church and Arlington Village Hall; an art trail, crafts, classical concerts in Arlington and Berwick churches and a festival Cajun Night with music, dancing and food.

French artists, craft makers and a string quartet are also visiting as part of an arts exchange with Arlington Arts Group and the Amis du Patromoine Ponchois.

Arlington Arts Group chairman Josie Tipler said: “I am amazed at how many people want to be involved in this event.

“Rural locations are very often off-the-map for the bigger Arts Festival in local towns, so this should put us all firmly on the map.

“We are now looking for local businesses who would like to get involved and support the festival.”

To get involved call 01323 485153 or visit