Art exhibition at English Wine Centre near Alfriston

andrew dandridge painting
andrew dandridge painting

ARTIST Andrew Dandridge will stage a free exhibition of his beautiful paintings, which feature the Sussex Downs and surrounding countryside.

It will be held at the English Wine Centre near Alfriston from Saturday November 19 to Sunday November 20.

This will be the Bishopstone painter’s 20th one man exhibition.

Andrew said: “When walking along Sussex footpaths there are so many intriguing vistas that open up before you whether you are atop the Downs or a distance from them. You crest a rise and there before you is a spectacular view with patchwork fields, paths and lanes against the backdrop of the Downs. It just stops you in your tracks.”

He has sold more than 3,800 of his downland landscapes and dramatic seascapes.

The exhibition is open from 10am – 5pm daily. Visit