Artillery shell found on South Downs Way near Seaford

Artillery shell
Artillery shell

A walk from Lewes to Seaford could have proved an explosive venture after a resident found this artillery shell laying at the side of a track.

Peter Calladine, from Lewes, was walking with his wife when he spotted the artillery shell at the side of a track leading from the South Downs Way to Seaford.

He called Sussex Police who said the shell was empty and not a danger.

He said: “We did not pick it up or examine it too closely. I called Sussex Police and provided the map grid reference.

“They checked it out and found it to be an empty, and therefore, harmless, artillery shell.

“I presume it was from WWII but how it got there remains a mystery.

“The field had not been recently ploughed. I walked down this same track a couple of weeks ago, I think I would have noticed it had it been there then.”

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