Arundel Festival launched

ARUNDEL Festival will once again be tapping into the great spirit at the heart of the town, with a huge community programme offering a vast array of pleasures.

Last year's three volunteers have swollen to 40 in support of a programme a third bigger. Around half the events are free - all part of the Festival's aim of connecting with absolutely everyone throughout the town.

The festival, which runs from August 20'“30, will once again be presented in association with The West Sussex Gazette. This year's programme was launched at Arundel Castle on Monday.

Glenda Harkess, artistic co-ordinator, is delighted at the line-up which has come together, a mix of innovation, tried-and-tested formats and significant expansions.

Among the new events this year is open-air cinema at Swanbourne Lake, probably with the screen floating on the water.

"We could have taken the easy option and thought let's keep the Festival the same as last year, but I have these madcap ideas! Swanbourne Lake is a huge venue - and nothing usually happens there during the Festival."

The screenings will include The Birds, Psycho, A Matter Of Life And Death and Casablanca.

"They haven't got the big concerts at the Castle this year and this won't replace them, but it will offer something new and reach new audiences."

Building on past success, the Big Weekends return, two Saturdays and two Sundays of live music, kicking off at midday and going through until 9pm. Northbrook College, a key collaborator in the Festival, will provide all the bands on one day. The others will be up-and-coming local bands - in all around 37 sets of performers taking advantage of a great local platform.

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