Attack launched on cost of car parking

A FIERCE attack on the Lewes parking regime has been launched by a lady who has been doing her sums.

Patricia Clarke, of Cliffe High Street, Lewes, said she was in the wrong business and should be going into parking enforcement.

However NSL responded to the Sussex Express and disputed the figures.

Patricia said that in early September, East Sussex County Council granted a new five-year contract for controlling parking to the existing contractor NCP/NSL.

“Our elected representatives have agreed to pay an annual fee to NCP/NSL of £1,031,121.00,” she said. “Yes, one million, thirty-one thousand one hundred and twenty-one pounds per year – I have ignored the odd pennies.”

In addition, NCP/NSL will receive a monthly bonus of £10,000 per month, she said.

“This is a daily payment by our county council, from our council tax and business rates, of £31,153.75 per day for the next five years,” said Mrs Clarke.

“This figure only covers the Lewes scheme – similar sums will be pledged on our behalf when the NCP tide washes over Uckfield, Heathfield and all points east.” She said “this folly” was recommended for approval by the county council yesterday (Thursday) so there was probably now no opportunity “to buttonhole your councillor and watch them as they attempt to justify this massive payout of our hard-earned cash”.

But a spokesperson for NSL said: “I wanted to point out that whilst the £1,031,121 per annum figure mentioned is broadly correct, the assertion that this is equivalent of a daily payment of £31,153.75 per day is completely inaccurate.

“Dividing the annual figure by 365 gives you a daily figure closer to £3,000, not £31,153.75.”