Attempt to protect Turkish Baths in Lewes

Lewes Turkish Baths
Lewes Turkish Baths

A group of councillors on Lewes Town Council are seeking to register the Turkish Baths as a community asset.

This means if the building’s owner, Lewes District Council, decides it wants to sell the baths, the community will have six months to raise the cash and buy it.

It will give people the chance to raise the money and buy the historic building, built in 1860, at market value.

Lewes Town councillor John Lamb said: “Disabled people and the local charities working with them can access the building - in a town like Lewes where so many of the streets and buildings are not accessible, it’s particularly important to protect this building for future services that benefit all members of our community.”

Local Liberal Democrats who form a majority on Lewes Town Council, will formally propose this week that the town council applies for the building to have ‘Community Right to Bid’ status.

They will argue that the building has “current or recent use which can be shown to further the social well-being or social interest of the community” and should therefore be registered and listed as an Asset of Community Value (Community Right to Bid) under the Localism Act 2011.

The Turkish Baths in Friars Walk is in use by the Print Room. It will take orders until the end of May but will close from the end of June.

Print services will then be provided in Eastbourne in a shared service between Lewes District Council and Eastbourne Borough Council.