Audience decides on Stella performance

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It takes a brave comedian to place their fate into the hands of the audience.

After five years living in New Zealand, British comedian Stella Graham has returned home to do just that in her UK debut solo stand-up comedy show Karma Comedian at the 2012 Brighton Fringe.

Stella unravels hilarious tales of her own good and bad karma with a twist at The Temple Bar, 121 Western Road, Brighton, May 9-12, 9.30pm. Free show, no tickets needed.

During every show, the audience decides which are the good or bad deeds in her life, Stella says. By the end of the show, they will determine her fate.

“This makes the show entertainingly interactive; each night will be unique as the audience can change the direction of the show” she promises.

In 2012, Stella took Karma Comedian to the Adelaide Fringe and will also appear at the Edinburgh Fringe. Nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2009 New Zealand Comedy Guild Awards, Stella performed at the NZ International Comedy Festival from 2009-2011.

Stella has performed in the UK, USA, NZ and Australia. She writes comedy for NZ TV3 show 7 Days, has worked on screen for NZ’s Juice TV, and on-air for radio in England and NZ.