AUDIO Garry Wilson on Lewes FC’s season-opening win at Hornchurch

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Listen to Lewes FC manager Garry Wilson speak here about his side’s superb win at AFC Hornchurch on Saturday.

The Rooks won 1-0 thanks to an 18th minute header from new signing Ade Olorunda.

Wilson v AFC Hornchurch

Wilson v AFC Hornchurch

Listen to the Lewes manager speak about his delight in gaining the victory, how he thought his team played and his thought on having suspended and injured players back by clicking on the video above.

Wilson said: “(The AFC Hornchurch result was a) fantastic win, really difficult place to go for the opening game of the season.

“They were a strong, powerful side, Hornchurch. We knew what to expect but it’s always difficult the first game. I just felt our side went about their game in the correct way. I thought we were worth our win.

“I thought we had a great start to the game, good crosses in the box, put them on the back foot, and eventually got a fantastic goal.

“But we managed the game, You know. We managed to see the game through without them creating too many chances.”

Wilson’s assistant, Danny Bloor, had told Sport Express earlier in the week that they had identified an area of weakness in Hornchurch – their ability to deal with crosses into their box.

“Yeah, we did,” confirmed Wilson. “And we got the ball into the box just before Ade scored; we had another fantastic header (from which) their goalkeeper made a great save.

“When you’re away from home you set up not to lose the game rather than going to try and win it. And I thought we did that well. We really defended from the front and I thought our shape was good.

“And we really didn’t permit them to play any great football or create great chances.

“If we’d gone up there and taken a 0-0 at Hornchurch we’d have been more than delighted.

“First game of the season away from home – and any game away from home – you would take that and try and win your home games. So it was one of those games where it was a big bonus getting three.

“I think it was a real team effort Saturday,” he added. “I think if you marked them out of 10 everybody was a steady seven-and-a-half, eight out of 10.

“There were no big 10s or no low fours, so it was a steady game for everybody.”

As for the possibilty of any more new players joining the Lewes ranks, he said he and Bloor were always keeping an eye out for new signings – but at the moment they were looking forward to getting players back from injury and suspension.

He said: “You know, we’ve got players suspended who are due to come back, we’ve got players injured who are due to come back. So, for that, for me, the team’s going to get stronger and not get weaker.

“But we’re always keeping our eye out. We talk about players every day and we’ve got guys out scouting, looking for players for us, so if somebody comes along that’s better – that can do a better job – then we’ll definitely have to look at them.”

Of Jon Dollery, Bloor, said: “He’s going with Canada Under 21s so he’s just around for the time being. We’ll talk to him in the middle of September when he gets back.”