Author Alan Morton comes up with a novel idea

LEWES: Alan Morton, written a book 'Beatles Generation). 15-11-11
LEWES: Alan Morton, written a book 'Beatles Generation). 15-11-11

A REUNION with some old school friends inspired Alan Morton to pen his first novel, The Beatles Generation.

The Seaford author described his book as a fond account of how the past can hold tremendous power over our lives, even with the passage of time.

It explores male friendship, provides a social commentary of Britain over the past 40 years and focuses on the swinging sixties.

In the book, character Colin Anscombe meets up with some school friends he finds on social networking sites.

Alan, 60, from Beacon Road, said: “It was about my experiences when I met up with people I lost contact with for 30 years. Before then I wanted to write a book and this gave me the opportunity to write about something. The sixties was an interesting time.

“The actual writing of it was quite easy to be honest - I didn’t have any plan.I just started writing and went with the flow. It will resonate with people’s school days.”

The book is available from Amazon and