Author hoping book on RAF will be a fly away success

A book detailing the bombing raids over Germany during the Second World War is being republished in time for the event’s 70th anniversary.

Upper Horsebridge scribe Alan Cooper’s book ‘Bombers over Berlin’ describes the raids which took place on the city between November 1943 and March 1944.

Alan Cooper with book, Bombers Over Berlin

Alan Cooper with book, Bombers Over Berlin

The book is an anthology of short but graphic accounts of the trails and tribulations of bomber crews involved and uses a number of personal anecdotes covering the hazards of sustained fighter and flak attacks. The former army man has written 24 books on the war. He counts former Royal Air Force chief marshall Sir Arthur Harris as a friend and once interviewed a key figure in Hitler’s Nazi regime for his books.

Mr Cooper said: “Going back 70 years is important because if we had got to 1945 and not won the war most of us, anybody born after the war, would have had a good chance of not being born at all.

“Sir Arthur said to me war is totally immoral but when in a fight against Germany and Hitler you have to win it.

“So a book like this is important because when you buy it, you read it, then put it on a shelf but a book like this can be used for reference for anyone interested in that period.”

Mr Cooper is an aviation historian and writer, whose first book ‘The Men who Breached the DAms’ was published by Pen & Sword in 1982.