Author’s book set to be republished

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An author from Upper Horsebridge is having his book detailing the exploits of Bomber Command republished.

The book describing the RAF’s tactical offensive against German industry in the Ruhr valley during World War Two was first published to acclaim in 1992.

Alan Cooper has had a number of books on World War Two published.

The book is the story of the men tasked with flying out across the valley time and time again in a series of bombardments and offensives, scores of young pilots called upon humbling reserves of bravery to meet their objectives.

The author begins by describing the roles that these pilots were expected to carry out as part of Bomber Command, before going on to define the landscape of the Ruhr area in detail, illustrating its great importance in terms of industrial output to the Germans. Statistics are included, detailing the number of bombers despatched, the number that actually made it to their targets and quite poignantly, those that never arrived.

Illustrated throughout, the book offers a complete overview of this important episode, set within the wider historical context of the war against mainland Germany - a subject that is rarely dealt with in such depth, or with such attention to detail. Although costly, the Battle of the Ruhr was a success and played a significant part in the ending of the war in Europe.

This book serves as a reminder of the epic contribution put forth by Bomber Command in this endeavour.

Mr Cooper has been an avid aviation historian and writer for some years. His previous titles, published by Pen & Sword, include Air Gunner: The Men who Manned the Turrets, Target Leipzig: The RAF’s Disastrous Raid of 19/20February 1944 and Free to Fight Again; RAF Escapes and Evasions 1940-1945.