Authors’ new book on sale

Two authors of a new book will be at a booksigning event in Waterstones, Priory Meadow next Saturday (November 29).

Dave Muriel and Bruce Veness together penned

The story is a tale of unrequited love, intrigue, greed and suspense.

Detective Gridlock Spumes agrees to help the plight of a beautiful young heiress who is being blackmailed.

Smitten by her charms, he accepts the case. She accompanies him, along with his trusty man servant Doctor Phuckwytte Prunestone, to a sanatorium in deepest rural France.

The story features various plots and counter plots.

The book has been published by Olympia Publishers and is now on sale through Amazon and Waterstones. The book is priced at £7.99.

Both authors were influenced by shows like