Baby animals need to be looked after, Chipsters!

JPNS Chipper in his new office pic 4
JPNS Chipper in his new office pic 4

IT’S BEEN so nice to see a bit of sunshine this week, and it finally seems like spring is here.

I love seeing all the baby animals, especially the lambs in the fields near my house.

Best of all, my friend Henry the hedgehog has woken up from his hibernation and we’ve been able to play football together again! Not all baby animals are that lucky though...

I know that Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust in Sidlesham has been caring for a baby badger, and a baby fox, as well as a little froggy who got attacked by a cat. The tiny fox is only two weeks old, but she loves drinking milk – as I’ve seen in their photos!

The baby badger you can see in this picture is also getting really big... maybe one day I’ll be able to play football with him too. The badger is about five weeks old now, which means he’s going to open his eyes any day. I really hope it’s sunny on the day he sees the world for the first time!

Plus they’ve got a little hedgehog, who has red eyes and blonde spikes – I think he’s called an albino.

They’ve got an open weekend on May 4–5 so I’m definitely going to head along and try to make some new friends!

Maybe I’ll take Henry too, and see if he can make friends with the blonde hedgehog.

I can’t wait!

What is your favourite animal, Chipsters? Is it a dog – like me? Or what about a lovely froggy?

I would love it if you send me a picture of your favourite animals... or you could just draw a picture of me playing football. That would be ace!

Chip chip for now...

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