Baby driver: Young Lewes racing ace seeks sponsorship to reach pole position

A 15-year-old boy from Lewes is appealing for sponsors to help him reach the next stage of his motoring career.
15-year-old race driver Aston Millar15-year-old race driver Aston Millar
15-year-old race driver Aston Millar

Although he is not old enough to be driving on the roads, Lewes Old Grammar School pupil Aston Millar has seen success on the race track.

The teenager has worked at his dad’s garage, Berwick Service Station, since he was nine-years-old and has impressed the junior motorsport circuit after winning the winter rookie cup in the Ginetta Juniors Championship.

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Just like the current Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton, Aston developed his driving skills as a go-karter (at the tender age of eight!) and he is looking to take his racing further.

Aston Millar takes the podium after a raceAston Millar takes the podium after a race
Aston Millar takes the podium after a race

Aston said: “People think it’s amazing that I’m driving a car at 120 mph at the weekends when I’ve only just turned 15, but in fact I have been practicing my driving skills for years.

“My dad also thinks it will make me a safer driver when I get my regular driving licence at 17 because I will have nothing to prove. That said, my mum still worries a lot.

“I would love to race for a living when I’m an adult. It is an amazing privilege to do this sport and I love every second of it.”

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However, motor racing at this level is a serious business, requiring large sums of money to cover testing, maintenance, and race fees and Aston is looking for sponsors.

Aston’s endeavour is very much a team effort and his dad, Richard, a professional engineer, keeps costs down by preparing and fixing the race car.

Richard said: “Aston shows real talent and he could go far if he gets the right support. Although we are one of the least-funded on the circuit we are not going to let that stop us.

“Aston has grown up around cars and has been driving them around the forecourt and on the fields since he was eight so I suppose it is in his blood!

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“He was delighted with his Ginetta G40 racing car even though it’s the oldest one on the grid and in this car he won the rookie championship in the winter season and even took pole position in one of the races, beating older drivers with much more experience. It was a thrilling end to the year.”

Richard says his son is ‘committed’ to racing and that he is learning from experienced drivers and coaches.

British touring car races that Aston will take part in will be broadcast live on ITV4 every Sunday.

The family has encouraged sponsors to contact them at: [email protected]