Baby rescues Mum from serious injury in Vines Cross

A 16-MONTH-old baby girl helped make a vital telephone call which saved her mum from serious injury.

When Cheryl Rudd, 33, was carrying baby Penelope downstairs at their Vines Cross home she slipped on a step and fell awkwardly. One leg crumpled and the other lay helplessly on the step.

Cheryl said: “I screamed in pain and that made Penelope cry too. I couldn’t move for the pain but I bumped down the stairs screaming all the time.

“I managed to put her down and said: ‘Can you get the phone for mummy?’ Amazingly she went to the house telephone, picked it up and brought it to me. I rang my partner, Robert and my mum, who both dashed over from Eastbourne.”

When Cheryl went to hospital, doctors thought she’d broken her leg. But X-rays revealed she had serious ligament and tissue damage. She had to go home and was told not to put any weight on it for at least six weeks. She said: “I am so lucky she was here.”

Cheryl’s mum Janet added: “I can’t believe a 16-month-old could be so clever. There was no way Cheryl could have reached the telephone. She would have passed out first.” Cheryl laughed: “Penelope has always been phone-mad – she even has a toy phone. She walks about with it and plays with it. I’m really proud of her.”