Banking on Lewes youth to improve the town

YOUNG people in Lewes are to decide how to spend more than £5,000 to improve youth facilities and activities in the town.

Lewes Town Council is contributing £4,000 and East Sussex County Council a further £1,500 to the exciting new project.

The scheme is all part of a drive to involve young people in the community by giving them responsibility over the way a proportion of the Town Council’s budget is spent.

To launch this exciting project, called Lewes Town YouthBank, the council wants to give a team of young people the keys to the Town Hall!

The young team is being given the task of coming up with their own ideas about the best way the money can be given out to as wide a range of young people and youth projects as possible in the town.

Cllr Roger Murray, from Lewes Town Council, said: “This is a really good way of building up social responsibility in our young generation and giving them a sense of mattering in the community.”

A meeting of interested young people took place in the Town Hall in December and they have come up with the idea to launch a youth led grant-giving scheme later on in the year.

The group will meet on a regular basis to set the criteria, design the publicity and they hope to be ready to open the grant scheme by April.

The Lewes Town YouthBank group will then invite young people to apply for some of this money to improve the things to do in the Lewes town area. It will also be this group that make the decisions on who will receive a grant!

To find out more call Tracey Johnson on 01424 726086, or email