Battle to save last remaining stamp machine in Lewes

Lewes Town Council’s Planning Committee has objected to an application by The Post Office to remove the stamp machine from outside Lewes’s High Street Post Office – the only one in the town.

The committee said this service to the public should be retained.

The application is due to be decided by Lewes District Council on May 22.

Cllr Stephen Catlin (Independent, Lewes Priory) has urged all residents to write to the district council’s planning department to object, quoting reference SDNP/14/01380/LIS.

He said: “This is not the only erosion of services. Since the privatisation of Royal Mail, it is no longer possible to pay at the Post Office for items undelivered because they were underpaid by the sender.

“Now you have to go in person to the Delivery Office and pay in cash and there is a £1 surcharge for its having been underpaid.”

He added: “Years ago there were postage due stamps on the letter and one paid the postman. That then changed and one paid at the Post Office. Now that has been scrapped too and no provision is made for the house-bound or disabled who may not be able to get to the Delivery Office to hand over the cash.

“The stamp machine outside the Post Office should be put in to working order and retained, or replaced with a more up to date model. This valuable service must not be scrapped.”