BBC presenter Chris Lintott coming to Lewes

CHRIS LINTOTT, co-presenter of the BBC’s The Sky at Night, comes to Lewes Skeptics in the Pub on Wednesday March 7th.

The final event of the Brighton Science Festival welcomes Dr Chris Lintott to Lewes Skeptics in the Pub. Chris will be talking about Planet Hunters, the latest citizen science project from Zooniverse.

Planet Hunters was recently featured on BBC’s Stargazing Live. It’s a project that allows anyone to get involved in searching for undiscovered planets. Participants help sieve through data taken by the NASA Kepler space mission and identify possible transit events – brief dips in brightness of a star that may be due to a planet passing in front of it. Although computers are of course hugely powerful, they are still no match for a human’s observational and pattern recognition skills, which is why this project benefits so much from the involvement of the general public. What’s in it for the user? Only the chance to say they helped discover a brand new planet. Two new planets discovered by planet hunters were recently announced at the 219th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

Chris will also be announcing a new citizen science project; SetiLive. Using a direct feed of radio frequency signals live from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) telescopes, users will try and find signals coming direct from ET.

Chris says: “In the last few years citizen scientists have discovered galaxies, planets...and ancient papyri. I’m looking forward to talking to Lewes SitP at the Brighton Science Festival, and hopefully inspire a few more discoveries along the way”