Beachy Head Lighthouse to lose red and white stripes

Beachy Head Lighthouse
Beachy Head Lighthouse

BEACHY HEAD Lighthouse will no longer be painted red and white to save money.

The lighthouse is painted around every 10 years at a cost of £45,000.

But Trinity House, the General Lighthouse Authority, says it can no longer justify the costs.

The organisation provides navigation aids such as lighthouses for mariners in England, Wales and the Channel Islands.

A review has been taken of all the aids including the building at Beachy Head.

A statement from Trinity House said: “The 2010 aids to navigation review and resulting user consultation process conducted by Trinity House discovered that Beachy Head lighthouse was no longer required to act as a daymark, the reason for its red and white striped appearance.

“However Beachy Head continues to provide a vital service to mariners and we still consider it necessary to keep the light operational.

“Unfortunately as a user pays organisation we cannot justify the expenditure on maintaining the current red and white appearance.”

Commercial vessels pay a levy called ‘Light Dues’ in port to fund the provision of the navigation aids.